Essay on if i were a millionaire

I will do enough shopping for myself and my friends and other family members. There would be no strikes. Pioneer funds global ecology essay epic hero vs tragic hero essay for antigone. I live in a state of uncertainty and I never know whether I shall be able to afford my next meal.

My loving parents supports me well and fulfill all my wishes. This duty openly man owns to god. I shall fulfill this duty. If I were to possess millions of rupees overnight, first of all, I would purchase a good one-storied house with sufficient open space, lawns and a garden for my parents.

My motto would be, "live and let live". Winning a lottery is one such way that can help me to fulfill my desire. If I were a millionaire, I would have taken my mother for a world tour.

I felt really sad that day and realized how lucky I am. If I ever happen to win a lottery, I would be pleased to enjoy the money to fulfill my dream. I know many students in my school who are very intelligent, industrious and brilliant in studies, but very poor.

If we have million, we desire for billion. My thought process and perspectives would have been quite different probably.

I have great attraction for a luxurious life since my childhood. I could give her the life she always dreamed of. I need to work hard and study well to make my dreams come true. I shall purchase these for her. If I have money enough and to spare, I shall spend my money differently, not at least in the way most millionaires do.

My third and last priority will be in the field of education. By being a millionaire my aim will be to utilize my wealth for the larger interest of the society by creating a trust to look after my objectives. I shall visit my school—my Alma mater where I received my first lessons.

This is how I shall spend the million rupees if this huge amount is placed at my disposal. There is hardly anyone in this world who might be satiated with his achievements.

Write a Short Essay on If You Were a Millionaire

A part of my wealth should be earmarked for the development of the weaker section of people. Although I never had too big dreams, but still I think I could use the money for the people whom I love most. Valkoinen joutsen unessay cacuaco essaysHalimbawa ng teoryang sosyolohikal essays online role of media in politics essays paper industry market research international ibisworld.

Their contribution to our progress and happiness at their cost can never be forgotten We have to return them and give them best of life. They spend money lavishly. I used to wonder why those kids were not going to school. She never had a chance to visit many places.

I shall expand it with the surplus money and give employment to several hundred people. I would donate money to social service organisations like destitute homes, orphanages, homes for the aged and reformatories.

492 words essay on If I Were a Millionaire

I wish I were a millionaire. I shall set a noble example before others and shall be a brilliant light for misguided millionaires. I shall lead a noble life and cut down my own expenses so that I may help others to live better.

I would make them so comfortable that even in their old age they would feel great to be alive. I shall remember how humble I was once. If I Were A Millionaire.

If I Were A Millionaire: If wishes were horses, even beggars would ride. But sometimes dream come true. I am poor in life and my wishes are hopelessly small.

sample essay on If I Were a Millionaire. Money has been the greatest attraction for the people for ages. How much wealth and property we may have, we are never satiate. If we have million, we desire for billion.

Money has been the greatest attraction for the people for ages. How much wealth and property we may have, we are never satiate. World’s Largest Collection of Essays! Published by Experts Share Your is the home of thousands of essays published by experts like you!

Write a Short Essay on If You Were a Millionaire

Publish your original essays now. Write a Short Essay on If You Were a Millionaire. Article shared by. It is true that miracles do occur in man’s life.

If I become a million­aire by the blessings of Almighty, my dreams will become true. Write a Short Essay on If You Were the Prime Minister of India. If I were a millionaire I would do my best to provide permanent shelter, food and clothing for the poor.

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Essay on if i were a millionaire
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Write a Short Essay on If You Were a Millionaire