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The importance of medium and large scale industries can be explained as the following points. Lack of appropriate government policy: Perspective Plan or ITA: Annually, the export of jute products ranges between Rs to crore.

The market and prospect of food processing industry in India has been growing steadily fuelled by strong domestic demand for processed food and beverage products spurred by increase in income level, increasing number of women joining the work force, rapid urbanization, changing lifestyle and mass media promotion.

Importance and Problems of Medium / Large Scale Industries

The low cost high skill resources in India will continue to receive attention from the US, IT Companies as they will be increasingly focusing on costs in the coming years.

Therefore, foreign experts have to be imported, who are comparatively expensive and are no available when required. In software, the strength of the country with its abundant technical manpower skills is well recognised. Thus, the establishment of the large industries helps the development of basic industries.

Sound and stable industrial policy is needed for the industrial development of the country. Competition in textiles and steel was more intense in this period than before. These products are mainly produced for markets outside of the villages, in large cities and for international market.

Food processing industry is another recently developed industry of the country. Domestic product from manufacturing food products and beverages in registered sector has grown from Rs 15, crore in to Rs 19, crore in and that in unregistered sector it has grown from Rs 12, crore to Rs 15, crore during the same period.

Thus the Ministry of Food Processing Industries formulated appropriate policies and implements targeted schemes to reduce wastage and increase value addition in the food chain.

How to write an Essay on the Role of Small Scale Industries in The Indian Economy?

The Indian Tea Association ITA in collaboration with 66 leading large and medium companies has drawn up a 10 years perspective plan to substantially increase the production of tea in the country to the extent of million kg by the year Starting from Rs 15 crore inthe production of this sector today reached the level of Rs 10, crore.

It means large scale industries have changed the pattern of export and increased the quantity of export.

Top 10 Large Scale Industries in India

Initially, there were very few number of automobile producing unit in India. Inthere were sugar factories in India and their total production was only The Economic History of India, — Principals and agents then belonged to a small network, but that situation changed when limited liability became popular beginning in the s.

As a result of this policy incentive, the installed capacity and production of cement increased significantly and the country attained self-sufficiency in the production of cement. Presently, food processing is one of the most heterogeneous sectors of manufacturing covering marine products, dairy products, grain, meat products, fruits and vegetables, sugar, edible oils and beverages.

In recent years, the demand for carpet backing cloth produced in India has increased in United States.

Here is your brief note on Large Scale Industries

Here is your brief note on Large Scale Industries R. Food Processing Industry 8. In the initial part of 19th century tea plantation was started in India by the British planters.

Here is your brief note on Large Scale Industries

Besides, consumers are also largely benefitted by availing a wider and healthier choice of food products at affordable prices. The production of processed fruits and vegetables declined by about 5.

The interwar period saw rapid industrialization as well as mounting crises. Marine fish harvest experienced a 7. This policy provides a road map for the development of the sector in the country.

Essay Introduction: In India, the Small-Scale Industries play an important role in the growth of the economy. Industries can be classified on the basis of their size in terms of money invested on the basis of investment, industries are classified into — Large-Scale Industries, Small-Scale Industries, Ancillary Industries and Tiny Industries.

Large scale industries change the pattern of export. In the old days, we exported skin, tea, jute, jute products, spices of different types, and cotton clothes to foreign countries.

Due to the development of large scale industries, we are now able to export engineering products, heavy electric products and other industrial products. Scale means a form of measurement and when it is referred to as large it means that you have a more than average amount on the measurement scale.

Thus any industry that is large scale will mean that products are produced at a high volume. Other industries: India has many large metallurgical industries.

What is the Importance of Large Scale Industries?

Shipbuilding, automobile industry and other large-scale engineering industries are directions in which India’s capital and enterprise will have a large scope for operation. Industry is the production of goods or related services within an economy.

The major source of revenue of a group or company is the indicator of its relevant industry. [2] When a large group has multiple sources of revenue generation, it is considered to be working in different industries.

Other industries: India has many large metallurgical industries. Shipbuilding, automobile industry and other large-scale engineering industries are directions in which India’s capital and enterprise will have a large scope for operation.

Essay on large scale industries
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